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Bills of Lading – Part I

What is a Bill of Lading?
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Bills of Lading (B/L) is the most important document in sea transportation. B/l represents the ownership of goods, receipt for the cargo handed over to the carrier and is an evidence of the contract between the carrier and the exporter. Knowledge around the B/l runs back to a few centuries where Sea Transportation was instrumental in trade between countries. There is a number of legal and best practices that are connected with the Bills of lading and its use. One who wishes to enter any part of international trade or transport and logistics knowledge in B/l is essential. In this section, we cover three important areas. (Functions of the B/l, Types of B/l and a simple guide on how to minimize errors.)

Skills Covered in this Course

  • Basic understanding of the usage of the Bills of Lading
  • 3 different functions of the B/l and B/l types
  • A simple guide to minimize errors when preparing the B/l


  • Basic Understanding of the Bills of Lading
  • Main functions of the B/L
  • B/L Types and the instances they are used
  • Total Course Fee
  • Sessions
  • Functions of the B/l
    • Title of the goods
    • Receipt of the goods
    • Evidence of the contract with the carrier
  • B/l Types – Use of them for different trading needs
    • Original B/l, Sea Waybill, Switch B/l, Surrender to the carrier b.
    • Part B/l, FCL and LCL Bills of Lading

No this is illegal. Switching B/l is only a trade practice to hide the actual seller to the final consignee. It only allows you to change the shipper and consignee only.

As a carrier you can only release the D/o only to the legitimate owner of the Bills of Lading, it is a primary responsibility of the carrier. Hence the counter staff has a high level of responsibility to verify whether the party who carries the B/l has the legitimate ownership.

Coming soon

  • - Full lifetime access
  • - Access on mobile and Tablet
  • - Certificate of Completion