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The Menu - Air Cargo Operations

Foundation to the logistics world
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This course will provide you the knowledge of the Air Cargo operations by covering the key aspects to consider when moving Airfreight shipments. The main objective of this course is to develop an effective Air Cargo Operations process and manage it successfully by improve your understanding of various components of cargo operations, and how these components interact with each other in daily cargo operations.

Skills Covered

  • Efficient handling of Air cargo

Learning Outcomes of this ACO module

  • Understand how Air Transportation evolved to date and future trends.
  • Identify the importance of Governing authorities in Air Transportation.
  • Define the Aircraft categories and cargo loading methods.
  • Explain the basics calculations in an Air shipment weight and rate structures.
  • Discuss the importance of knowing basic Geography.
  • Describe the special cargoes in Air Transport.
  • Total Course Fee
  • Sessions
  • Introduction
    • This lesson explains how the Air Transportation has evolved from the inception of the Aircraft.
  • Cargo Movement
    • From this lesson you will be able to identity who are the key stakeholders involving and what are the mandatory documents should have when moving a shipment form one country to another country.
  • Governing Bodies
    • It is very much important to know the main International Governing Authorities in Air Transport industry, who regulate the industry practices and support to growth of the Air cargo market.
  • Aircraft Types
    • This lesson is more in to the technical side, which gives you broad idea about the main Aircraft categories using to move Air Cargo and how you identify those by looking the features of those.
  • Cargo Loading
    • From this lesson you will be able learn how the cargo handling happen at the Airport and inside the Aircraft.
  • Calculations on Shipment weight
    • Better all stake holders should know how to obtain the correct weight measurements of a shipment.
  • Documents in Airfreight
    • This lesson briefly explains about are the main documents use in an airfreight shipment and the importance of those.
  • Geography of Air Transport
    • It is very much important to know the World Geography and City/Country Codes, when you planning an international Airfreight shipment.
  • Air Freight Rate structure
    • This lesson will briefly explain the TACT manual and applicable Air Cargo Rate structures.
  • Special Cargoes
    • Do you know how to identify a Special Cargo?

This course is recommended for those who interested in Logistics and Supply Chain related jobs and the following job roles:

  • Cargo operational staff (Beginners)
  • Junior Operation staff at Airlines and Airport GHAs
  • Executives in Shipping Departments at Export and Import Companies

You will learn the basics of the Air cargo operations and handling.

No, only you need to have the basic English language skills.

Yes, at the end of the Course for those who successfully completed will be getting a Certificate.

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  • - Access on mobile and Tablet
  • - Certificate of Completion