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Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Imagining the Supply Chain of the Future!
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The concept of Supply Chain Management is associated with our lives’ whole day. While it brings enormous value to our living, creates massive business opportunities. Is the business of your company already involved in any part of the Supply Chain? or do you aspire to move to an industry whose business is connected to Supply Chain? With the boom of technological advancements as of today, the supply chain-related business faces challenges and also endowed with unlimited opportunities. For an individual, the opportunities lie ahead as far as the future fit skills are gained developed.

Skills Covered in this Course

This lesson helps the candidate to understand how the concept of supply chain management is present in different business environments. It helps them to connect other business units that can benefit working together in a supply chain.


  • Understand the concept of Supply Chain Management
  • Understand the skills that need to be developed
  • Appreciate and prepare for future opportunities
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  • Sessions
  • Origin of Supply Chain Management concept
    • Concept of Logistics and evolution of SCM
    • Understand how societies used this concept for long years although the term SCM emerged in 1950’s
  • How the resources should be aligned
    • Need of the skill developments
    • Organizational focus and commitments
  • Modern Supply Chain Business
    • Examples of modern business in supply chain
    • How these organizations have generated value and differentiate.

If you carefully see the concept of a supply chain is everywhere in our lives. In simple terms, how you give a value to a liter of water in your grocery store? What makes you pay a price for the water that flows free from a waterfall or from a fountain in a distant location? You pay and buy it as it equals the value of the money you spend. How this value generated from zero Rupees to Rs.55? Likewise, in the business of Exports, Imports, Transport and distribution, warehousing, Purchasing, Value addition, Banking, Goods Insurance, etc are all business connected to the supply chain.

See the change of application in the SCM business with Technology. How Uber set off the ground? Food Delivery companies are increasing and restaurants in busy cities are falling to the hands of food delivery services as restaurants find it difficult to survive without. Have you ordered anything from the online retail companies? Going forward the supply chain businesses are changing their scope with the avail of Technology. If you naturally are a tech-savvy person, you can win this race of applying the theoretical knowledge of SCM to next-generation business.

Coming soon

  • - Full lifetime access
  • - Access on mobile and Tablet
  • - Certificate of Completion