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Understanding Customer Experience

What Is Customer Experience?
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With the presence of numerical suppliers, the customers are expecting almost similar service or a product almost at the same price range, how can an organization differentiate their product or service? Improving the customer experience is the most effective way of creating a differentiator. The organizations who offer a higher customer experience are bagging more business in a tough market place. In order to achieve that, the staff is the key to drive this experience and in the meantime processes, systems and outlook can also take a part of it.

Skills Covered in this Course

  • Understanding how customer experience determines the returns to the organization.
  • Understand the key areas of self-development.


  • Basic Understanding of Customer behaviors
  • Understanding of Differentiators
  • Develop and use of differentiators for the advantage of your company
  • Total Course Fee
  • Sessions
  • Backgrounds of the service Environments
    • Customer Expectations
    • Competition and their offerings
  • Influencing the customer choice and repeat buying
    • Highlighting the differentiators
    • How to influence the customer through experience

As far as you are not ready to show the value of your service to the customer, he tries to generate value to their organization when they buy your service. Thus, they only see the price. But if your organization is geared to create high customer experience as a team, it will be a unique one, not be able to copy by a competitor easily.

Think where you go to buy your grocery items, your shoes, your clothes, even the medical Centre you visit for treatments? If you go there more than once, why you take that decision? Isn’t that the experience you receive at that place drives you unconsciously to use their service again and again? See the recent changes of the departmental store you visit, what is the impact of staff greeting you, attending enthusiastically for any service issue? Did you notice that they are making the environment present and entertaining? Sometimes the supermarket becoming a meeting place for friends and a place to watch a movie and place for family dining. All these are examples of improved customer experience.

Coming soon

  • - Full lifetime access
  • - Access on mobile and Tablet
  • - Certificate of Completion